How to contract and pay expenses in a shared apartment?


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I'm going to share a flat with a couple of friends. How should we proceed when hiring and paying for supplies? (Consultation of Gervasio Hernández)

Responds Ferran Font, director of the Cabinet Studies of

The advantage that is usually valued when sharing floor is, precisely, the power Share expenses related to housing. Within these, are the supplies: electricity, Internet, water, gas, etc. These are high bills that are more bearable if a house is shared among several tenants.

To avoid problems and discussions it is important that everyone, both landlords and tenants, agree in advance. The law allows to define by contract the way in which the expenses associated with the supplies are distributed, and can even reach detail if the payment of the same will be equal (everyone pays the same) or proportional (depending on the time you are in the house, the size of the room ...). The most common is to divide the total amount of the invoices among the total number of roommates.

In relation to ownership, it is advisable that a single tenant is the owner of the electricity contract, Internet, etc. This will lead to obligations, such as being ultimately responsible for taking the payment, and also advantages, such as knowing the detailed invoice to be able to negotiate the contracting of a better service. Sometimes, what happens is that the landlord is still the owner and passes the bill to the tenants so that they settle it together with the monthly rent.


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