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Tenerifehas suffered this sundaya general blackoutof the electricity supply throughout the island. The tram has been inoperative, traffic lights and ATMs have been turned off and thousands of people have been affected.

How to claim in case of a blackout?

As reported byOrganization of Consumers and Users (OCU),The first thing you should do is submit a written complaint to the Customer Service Department of your electricity supplier, specifying the problem. Inthis link You will find the complaint model proposed by the OCU to present to the company.

If within a month you do not receive a satisfactory response from the company, you must go to theMinistry of Energy and Industryof your autonomous community. Before this agency, in charge of everything related to the regularity of the service or the equity in the billing, you must submit the written claim that you have presented to the supplying company, its answers, invoices, etc.

TheOCUadvises to record your complaint administratively beforepaythe amount that the company claims on the invoice so that, in the event of a trial, you will be reimbursed for the unduly charged if you win it.

Some companies have a figure, in addition to the Customer Service Department, which you can go to before claiming by court or before the Administration. An example of this figure is theEndesa Client Advocate.

FACUA's advice

Thedamage suffered in appliancesDuring a power outage they can also be claimed. According to Facua, it is advisable to request the corresponding technical service to provide a report stating the cause of the breakdown, that the users keep the damaged device until the company compensates them and request a quote for a new appliance if the repair of the faulty one is impossible.

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