September 19, 2020

How to choose the best option ?, Back to school, La Provincia

With the return to school, it is also time to organize the activities to do after school


The choice of extracurricular activities it is often a headache for many parents. With the back to school The adjustments begin to organize the children’s calendar, once they leave school. When choosing what extracurricular activities the smallest ones can make numerous doubts arise. Many parents are overwhelmed by the extensive supply, but do not be tempted and should be well organized. extracurricular activities.


The extracurricular activities They should be a complement to the child’s education, since they promote physical activity and the intellectual and cultural development of the little ones. The extracurricular classes music and dance, along with sports, are the most requested.

The extracurricular activities they should be an outlet for the children, they should never be an obligation. Children should not be overwhelmed with their extracurricular classes. A good way to choose extracurricular activities it is to agree on them between parents and children. It is advisable to sit with the children and listen to their requests and preferences. Once this is done, you can organize that afternoon schedule with the extracurricular.

Positive effects of extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activities they foster many facets of children’s development. On the one hand, it helps them to interact with more children. In addition, on many occasions, extracurricular activities they are related to rehearsals and training. This is a very effective way of introducing effort capacity in the little ones. On the other hand, they are also introduced in competitions. This translates into companionship and the ability to excel.

Finally, the extracurricular activities they are a fundamental element for family conciliation. Many parents turn to extracurricular activities to be able to reconcile better work and family. The hours the children are in their extracurricular classes they are an extension of the school day, so parents can extend their working hours in these cases.

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