September 27, 2020

How to change WhatsApp in 2020 – La Provincia

The way of communicating through mobile devices changed completely 10 years ago with the birth ofWhatsApp. The world’s most popular instant messaging application, with several hundred million active users, broke down the payment and extension barriers that existed with theSMS.

Since then, there are manyupdatesWhatsApp has incorporated, how to prevent them from including you in groups without permission. For this 2020, the application adds a few new features.

One of them is that it will allowListen to the voice notes without entering the message.WhatsApp already gave the option to read and respond to messages from the notification screen, but the audios could not be played from there.

It will also be possibleperform advanced searchesin conversations to find a specific message, photo or video without leaving WhatsApp. To achieve this, the app will be integrated with services such as Google Images and will incorporate a tracking system, as well as a history with the latest user searches.

WhatsApp continues to work on the development of adark modeand, although this is not yet available to users, the application prepares a function with which this mode can be activated automatically. It is specially designed to save battery. But not only that. It will also allow the user to better adapt his vision to the mobile phone as much as it has less light, such as while consulting it in bed.

Also, the application advances in the function that will allow you to send messages that delete themselves after a certain time. WhatsApp unveiled this possibility of self-destruction, known as‘messages that disappear’, last October. The user can select to have their messages automatically deleted in certain periods: one hour, one day, one week, one month or one year.

The news is not there. WhatsApp has been fixed in two aspects of Instagram. The first is that it will havephoto filters. More specifically, it will incorporate a boomerang effect to the images that will allow you to play short videos in a loop and photos in GIF format.

And the second is that WhatsApp will allow users to identify themselves throughQR codes, which will allow you to add new contacts to the phonebook without knowing your phone number.

The latest news is theInternet navigatorWhatsApp itself, which will allow you to open shared links in conversations without leaving the application environment (something that can already be done on Telegram).


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