April 11, 2021

How to calm your pet if you get scared of firecrackers and rockets

With Christmas comes also the time of firecrackers and fireworks, some games of artifice that usually cause a lot of impact on pets. A few days ago, a dog died scared in the arms of its owner after witnessing some fireworks. To avoid discomfort and major evils, a series of precautions must be taken.

As veterinarian Diana Rico Motta explained to the Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo”, the noise of the explosions is what causes the most disorder in pets because they have a sharper sense of hearing than men and “it generates fear and anguish.” Motta, hearing the explosions, some dogs, cats and birds tend to hide in places where they feel safe and protected.The physical consequences of our pets are several: In the case of dogs and cats, there is an increase in respiratory rate, excessive salivation, vomiting, urinating or defecating … Some tremble, run, bark and can even become aggressive, present strange behaviors, break things or bite something or someone.

But it does not affect everyone equally among animals of the same species. In dogs, for example, the size of the breed influences. The little ones tend to be more nervous and those who suffer most from pyrotechnics. In addition, diseases that animals may already have also influence. Dogs and cats with nervous pathologies such as epilepsy or who are extremely nervous, are the most affected because loud noises can accelerate those behaviors.

Fruit of this increase in heart rate can cause heart attacks or cause gastritis and nervous diseases. In birds the effect is greater than with other animals, because they are more exposed: “In addition to tachycardias and possible infarctions, they could crash when trying to flee from noise. Many, even, can be hit by gunpowder and be burned. ”

Therefore, it is essential not to leave our pet alone when we are in a place where there are fireworks or firecrackers. Motta recommends giving floral essences to pets months or weeks before the parties are going to take place with pyrotechnic fires and continue giving them a few weeks later. “Floral essences are a natural product that helps lower anxiety levels. They are bought only in veterinarians, with the authorization of a doctor, who will generate the dose to the pet, according to its size ”.

In extreme cases, the veterinarian recommends providing tranquilizers, whose effect lasts between two and four hours. Also under medical supervision. In addition to this, Motta recommends that all owners seek a shelter for their pets in which the impact of noise decreases and where they feel safe. Places like closets, bathrooms or basements. For birds, it recommends dark places, away from noise and also indicates that it is duein covering the cages with a blanket.

The attitude of the owners is also important and they should avoid shouting, even if they are happy, because the animals cannot distinguish whether it is something positive or negative. Finally, he requested that pets not be scolded when they react due to loud noises, because it can also have a negative effect.

He also warned that the remedies that circulate on the internet are dangerous and that their effects are not verified. Tying dogs with bandages "is not curative," although it can reduce their anxiety, he acknowledges, although warning that in some cases it may be counterproductive.

Classical music

The National Geographic television channel will broadcast, as part of its programming this Christmas, classical music with relaxing images for dogs, in order to calm them when they hear the roars that fireworks produce.

The channel recommends raising the volume so that the dogs pay attention and can feel relaxed.


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