how to book and how much money does the deposit cost

how to book and how much money does the deposit cost

The state of the nation debate was the setting chosen by Pedro Sanchez, President of the Government of Spain, to announce new measures in response to the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. One of them, and possibly the one that has generated the most expectation, is the 100% discount on subscriptions Of transport.

This rule will affect the multi-trip tickets for the Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distancia rail services provided by Renfeas detailed by the Executive himself, and will be in force from September 1 to December 31, 2022. Despite the fact that it does not come into operation until September, the Renfe company has already opened the registry to request this free system and subscriptions They can be purchased from August 24.

The company recommends managing everything from its website or mobile application, although this depends on the type of subscription that is going to be requested.

Free subscriptions in Cercanías

To enjoy the free commuter pass, you must first register or on the website of or in the Cercanías Renfe app. It is preferable that it be done as soon as possible to avoid server crashes, since thousands of citizens are expected to request it. Once the registration has been made, it can be purchased at the usual points of sale, the app being the most convenient and fastest way to avoid long queues. However, it will also be sold in self-service machines and station ticket offices.

For its acquisition it will be necessary post a bond of 10 euros. A deposit that will be refunded at the end of the subscription's free period (December 31, 2022) and with the condition of having made a minimum of 16 trips.

From Renfe it is urged to always validate the subscription both at the beginning and at the end of the journey, in addition to keeping the QR code or the card so that the deposit can be returned.

How to book Medium Distance passes

This type of trip also has a 100% bonus from September 1 to December 31. And the system to obtain the season ticket is practically the same as that of Cercanías, although with some variation.

When the user makes his purchase at the ticket offices, he must specify the stations of origin and destination. However, Renfe advises to formalize the trips through the Renfe application (not the Cercanías application), with the exception of the Andalusia and Rodalies regional relations, as specified by the company.

In the case of Medium-distance tickets, a deposit of 20 euros must be paid and a minimum of 16 trips must also have been made for their return.

The payment of this signal can be made by credit or debit card, the one recommended by Renfe, or in cash. In the latter case, a specific request must be completed for the return of the 20 euros, in addition to conserve compost throughout the free validity period.

In addition, Renfe has launched its own recommendations for the acquisition and use of season tickets while the Government measure is in force.

Manage registration through the Renfe App or Cercanías Renfe

Acquire the subscription as soon as possible, before September 1

Avoid rush hours and anticipate arrival at the station to validate the trip

Keep the QR code or card

With this measure in place, it is expected that the influx of passengers increase considerably. In Madrid alone, it is estimated that there are around 1,400 trips on Cercanías trains every day, transporting around 800,000 passengers.

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