How to avoid relationships with toxic people

Beware of a toxic person, they can end up destroying any type of relationship on a psychological, physical or emotional level.

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Every day we surround ourselves with negative people, who live installed in the complaint, if we manage
identify them quickly, before we will learn to avoid them.

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toxic person being close can cause different types of problems, headaches, insomnia, frustration and even depression.

What is a toxic person?

the SAR define this type of people as having "an injurious or pernicious influence." They are usually self-centered, narcissistic people, with little empathy and use emotional blackmail very well.

What do we do when dealing with toxic people?

  • The first thing we should do is
    identify a toxic person and know how it affects us.

  • Whatever happens
    you have to be positive and stop any attack.

  • I never got into the gameor allow anyone to criticize people who are not present in front of you.

  • Be clear that you have to
    mark the limits and try to talk openly about the situation. We must remember that toxic people do not intoxicate who they want, but who they can.

  • foundation
    be kind and maintain positive attitudes (even if it costs). This will stop the attacks.

  • The moment may come when you make him understand that he only talks about problems. Remember that you are not a cloth of tears.

  • Avoid this type of person
    taking away the powerDo not let him intimidate you, if you can, walk away.

The OMS estimates that worldwide 5% of adults suffer from this type of relationship, whether in the workplace, friendship, family or partner.

Bernard Stamateusa renowned Argentine psychologist, reminds us that throughout our lives we have all come across problematic people (a boss, a friend, a family member, a co-worker,...).

According to the psychologist we must
learn to identify toxic, harmful people, and recognize their strategies to be able to deactivate them and prevent them from affecting us or producing negative feelings or discomfort.

We have all been able to go through moments and realize that we were a toxic person. the important thing
is to recognize it and take action not to be, because after all, these people end up finding a way to release their negativity, infecting others and creating a bad environment.

never normalize this type of behavior but when you have no choice but to deal with someone like this, it is best to find a way to do it intelligently.

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