How to avoid cheating in the Christmas Lotera - La Provincia

The National Police has warned about the most understood deception and risks on the occasion of the Christmas lottery which is celebrated this Sunday, December 22.

On the occasion of the Christmas raffle, the Police has offered ten tips not to fall for any fraud. Through their social networks, agents will remember these tips to prevent citizens from becoming victims of these crimes.

Among the warnings, the Police have requested that buy the lottery tenths for the draw "only on authorized sites" and, in the case of making the purchase on the Internet, save the emails related to it and make management captures.

Agents have also alerted citizens of who distrust the messages they receive informing of having been awarded in an unknown draw; that prove that the tenth has the logo, the code and all the verification elements; or to photocopy the tenth e indicate who participates in the purchase when the Lottery is shared with friends or family.

Before this draw, the Police have warned of the need to keep the ticket in "perfect condition", since its deterioration could cause problems In case of being awarded. In addition, before a possible loss, he has advised to take a picture of the tenth or write the number in a safe place.

If the tenth has been stolen lost, the National Police has requested that it be reported at any police station, as well as communicating it to State Lotteries and Betting.

"If you have been a victim of a scam, do not hesitate to report it providing all the information you have about the authors and their modus operandi, "the Police concluded.

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