How to apply for birth aid from the Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has launched different aids to promote birth rates in the region and help pregnant women. We tell you how you can access them.

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Who can benefit from the aid?

They are addressed to all those women under 30 years who are in any of the following situations as of January 1, 2022

  • pregnant from week 21 of gestation from January 1, 2022
  • mothers who have had one or more children (Multiple birth)
  • People who have adopted to a minor

Amount of aid

The aid for pregnancy will be 500 euros per month per child from the date of submission of the application.

The aid will be received until the last day of the month in which 24 months have elapsed from the date of delivery. In the case of multiple births, the 500 euros will be charged for each of the children.

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In the case of adoption, the aid of 500 euros per month per child will be received from the month of the date of presentation of the application until the last day of the month in which 24 months have passed since the date of registration of the adoption in the Civil registration.


At the time of application the following requirements must be met

  • Being Spanish/a or a foreigner/or with legal residence in Spain.
  • Be 30 years old or younger.
  • reside and be registered/ or in any municipality of the Community of Madrid, at the time of the application and for at least five years, within the ten years immediately prior to the date of submission of the application and maintain their residence in the Community of Madrid during the receipt of aid. For the purposes of calculating the required period, all the municipalities of the Community of Madrid in which the applicant has been registered will be taken into account.
  • not exceed los 30.000 euros annual of income in individual taxation or the 36.200 euros annual income tax joint in the personal income tax return for the last tax period with the deadline for submission expired at the time of submission of the aid application. For these purposes, the concept of family unit is the one that defines the regulations applicable to Personal Income Tax.
  • Not be involved in any of the prohibitions to receive aid according to the rules established in article 13 of Law 38/2003, of November 17 (people convicted by final judgment, having declared themselves in a situation of insolvency or bankruptcy or have pending payments with Social Security or the Treasury)

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Documentation to present

The aid can be requested from the 21st week of gestation along with a medical report that proves it. Must include gestational age, number of fetuses in gestation, and expected date of delivery

If the child is born on a different date than the one stated in the report, the corresponding amount will be calculated again and a new concession resolution will be issued with the necessary adjustments. The birth certificate must be presented within 3 months of the birth.

The documentation that must show up is the next:

  • Certificate of registration
  • DNI or identification document valid in Spanish territory
  • Income tax declaration.
  • Responsible declaration in which it is stated that there are no circumstances that prevent you from being a beneficiary of aid
  • birth certificates
  • Pregnancy medical report

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Where to apply

The General Directorate for Childhood, Family and Birth Promotion is located at Calle Manuel de Falla, 7 in Madrid.

Management can be done in the Telematic Registration from Madrid's community if there are Electronic Certificates recognized by the Community, as well as in any Registry Office through the Town Halls attached to Vone stop shop. For any questions about the procedure, you can call the Citizen Attention Service, telephone 012.

The Community of Madrid has a Aid search engine for the promotion of the birth rate that is of great help