How to act against unauthorized card payments, according to the Bank of Spain



In recent years, card payments they have grown. In part they have done so thanks to the advancement of technology, which allows not a physical card to be used, but a mobile phone or even a smart watch.

This does not mean that these forms of payment are left behind in terms of possible fraud or payments that have not been authorized, including an amount that is not correct at the time of the transaction.

Therefore, the Bank of Spain always gives advice on how to use the cards correctly and what happens when there are problems with them. For example, in the robbery case It is advisable to quickly inform the bank so that they block the card.

Another thing is the unauthorized payments that they have with them.

As happens when there is a robbery, when there is suspicion of fraud or that there is an intruder trying to buy with the card, the bank must be alerted so that they proceed to block it.

It may also happen that the establishment has overcharged. In that case, the customer should contact the seller as soon as possible and clarify the problem. In addition, it is necessary to have proof of payment to be able to claim, which can be obtained in the bank's application.

In the event that the conflict has not been resolved, the bank may proceed to return the amount. Therefore, it is always necessary, according to the Bank of Spain, check the amount marked on the dataphone to verify that it is correct.

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