January 20, 2021

How social networks help business schools – La Provincia

Business schools continue to refine their communication strategies and social networks are an important part of the message to be transmitted to reach their target audience. The V Study on the presence of Business Schools in social networks carried out byPortalMBAIt reflects the main keys to adapt the message to these platforms and achieve the desired objectives.

1. Brand image

Increasingly, the visual part of the content tends to be enhanced with different types of cretaivities that allow the image to be enhanced to be refined. So muchPhotographshowpromotional imagesas eveninfographicsorvideos, are resources increasingly used to position the desired brand image.

2. Build community

To reach potential students, a high rate of publication is used on platforms such asTwitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which allow direct communication with the public and the environment. These channels allow for proper promotion and conversation and should be used by professional teams of this specialty.

3. The human side

The contents that allow to generate a higher level of interaction and engagement among the users succeed, showing the human team behind the school (from the direction and the teaching staff to the current students) showing their daily activities, theirmost famous acts and their day to day in the classrooms.

4. The power of Instagram

This social network, belonging to Facebook, is the fastest growing (200% more than the previous year) in this sector. The number of followers is increasing and allows to adapt perfectly the audiovisual messages. It is also the site where much of theyoung audience. However, you should always be aware of trends in social networks, since it is a sector with great migration between platforms.

5. Engagement, pending

The interactions of users with business schools are not yet excessively high, noting that many of these entities focus on the purely informative instead of exploiting the conversational factor. Increase community participation with surveys, questions, contests and others’call to action‘may be appropriate strategies to grow in this way.


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