How restaurants and hotels can help you detoxify your mobile | Trends

Nobody will sound strange to the image: a dinner of friends in which virtually more phones are counted on the table than people sitting to eat. The penetration that these devices have had in society lead us to consider a dependency issue. We have reached a point where leaving home without the gadget can generate stress and anxiety.

In this context, there are many who propose measures to reduce the time we spend in front of our favorite screen. Even the least interested in getting rid of your mobile have taken steps so that it does not get out of hand. Companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram are carrying out initiatives to recommend us to limit the hours we spend daily on their platforms. The stimulus, however, can also come from outside the digital environment. Some establishments reserve device-free spaces, award prizes to those who do not use them or veto the most addicted clients. We pick up some of the most interesting:

  • Forbidden to order coffee with the mobile in your hand

"Please do not use mobile phones in this area." So says a sign in front of the counter of West Melbourne's Cafe 655, an Australian coffee shop that has grown tired of its customers putting their terminal before the person who is serving them. The owner of the premises told the Daily Mail that the response to the initiative was positive from the first moment and when someone came to the counter with the phone in his hand, when he saw the sign he would go away and finish the call before returning to the line to ask for his breakfast.

  • No more phones in the pool

Under the pretext that it is important to live the moment, the Ayana Resort & Spa, a luxury hotel on the island of Bali, launched a campaign that banned access to your pool with mobile devices from nine in the morning until five in the morning. the afternoon. "Our intention is to preserve what we are by valuing the human connection and the time we dedicate to ourselves", commented a hotel spokesman to Lonely Planet.

In addition to signaling this new measure in the corresponding way, they have installed lockers in the access to the pool in which they can store the phones and offer menus and board games to their clients so they can enjoy the moment without resorting to the digital environment. that they have wanted to denominate "a refuge for guests".

  • Awards for the most disconnected

Aware that punishment is not the best solution, some companies prefer to reward users who park the phone before sitting at the table. This is the case of the Chilean wine brand Castillo de Molina, which rewarded diners from several restaurants that got rid of the terminal during dinner with a bottle of wine. During the campaign, they delivered 470 bottles with the message "Go back to enjoy", according to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

The Mastropiero pizzeria, in Madrid, follows a similar policy. If your customers do not take out their mobile phone during the time they spend at the store, they invite them to dessert. And the Eva Restaurant, in Los Angeles, opted to offer a discount of 5% on the account to those who left their phone at the entrance.

  • A nursery for your terminal

In some restaurants you can find a wardrobe where you can leave your coat. Why not do the same for the mobile? With this idea, the Hotel Restaurant Can Cuch, in Barcelona, ​​wanted to encourage those who entered their establishment to do so to be more focused on what surrounds them. Although it also offers the option of introducing the devices in personal boxes located next to the table where they are eating. Most of its customers prefer the second option.


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