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How much will the Treasury return in the declaration?

The Bell of the rent
2019 it gets closer and closer. With the starting gun programmed for the next April 1st, with a country that will continue in full crisis for him coronavirus, the technical union of Estate
Gestha has asked that the end of the campaign for the liquidation of the Personal income tax Y Heritage from June 30 scheduled to the end of September.

Technicians believe that the confinement It will limit attention in offices, especially to older people. “They could receive adequate care without risk to their health in the offices of the AEAT“They argue in a note. In addition, “it would facilitate another 4.9 million filers who can go to their tax advisor.” It is also requested to reinforce the hotlines and advance the “Plan Le Llamamos” from May 5 to mid-April.

Queues in an office of the Tax Agency

Queues in an office of the Tax Agency
(Dani Duch)

With 962 euros

Madrid, where the average of the returns will be higher

Despite the context of difficulties, Gestha has calculated that 14.8 million taxpayers will receive 11,927 million euros for their returns. Thus, 70% of the 21.24 million returns that will be submitted will be returned. From April 3, just two days after the campaign started, the first returns will already be made.

If the focus is on autonomy, it is estimated that the average amount of the refund will be 802 euros for each taxpayer to whom it is returned. This amount will vary depending on the territory. In Madrid It will be where the returns are highest, with an average of 962 euros and 73.7% of returns to be returned, followed by Catalonia, with 891 euros and 62.2%, and Islands Balearics, with 831 euros and 60.6%, the lowest percentage in Spain.

Also above 800 euros are Cantabria, with 818 euros, and Asturias, with 811.

Image of a Tax Agency office during an income campaign

Image of a Tax Agency office during an income campaign
(Ana Jiménez)

Below 800 average returns are Murcia (781 euros), The Rioja (771 euros), Canary Islands (765 euros and 75.4% of returns to return, the highest in Spain), Galicia (738 euros), Castilla y León (735 euros), Andalusia (731 euros), Valencian Community (729 euros), Aragon (725 euros) and Castilla la Mancha (723 euros).

Estremadura, with 604 euros on average, it is very off the hook.

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