Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

How much will the parties charge for each vote and each seat they get?

¿Cuánto cobrarán los partidos por cada voto y cada escaño que consigan?

The State will pay the political parties 32,508.74 euros for each seat they get in the European elections next May 26, plus one euro and eight cents (1.08 €) for each vote, provided they manage to enter the European Parliament .

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This is reflected in the order of the Ministry of Economy and Finance published this Saturday in the State official newsletter (BOE) that fixes the subsidies for the electoral expenses of the next European and local elections.

On this occasion, the subsidy per seat is the same as in the elections of five years ago and continues above the one paid in the general elections on April 28, since the State will pay 21,167.64 euros for each seat of the Congress and the Senate and 81 cents each vote received to the Lower House, provided that those votes have been translated into seats.

Payment of the mail

On the other hand, to cover the cost of sending free electoral propaganda, the State will provide 15 cents per voter provided that the candidacy obtains seats and a minimum support of 15% of the votes, a threshold that in the last elections only exceeded PP ( 26%) and PSOE (23%). This amount is a reduction of one cent in relation to the 2014 elections.

For applications that achieve a minimum of 6 percent, the subsidy will be 11 cents; if they exceed 3 percent it will be close to 3 cents and if they achieve at least 1 percent of the votes cast it will be almost 2 cents. In all cases it is necessary to achieve at least one MEP.

This aid to the mailing is not included in the limit of electoral expenses for the campaign, which the Government has set, according to the legislation, in the result of multiplying 19 cents by the number of inhabitants corresponding to the population of law in the sections where they have requested to disseminate ballots.

Municipal elections

The political parties will receive 270.9 euros from the State for each council member they obtain in the municipal elections on May 26, the same amount as in the last local elections of 2015. The State will also pay the parties 54 cents for each vote obtained in the candidacies of those municipalities where they obtain at least one councilor.

Thus, for municipal elections, the parties must adhere to a spending limit that will be "the result of multiplying by 0.11 euros the number of inhabitants corresponding to the right-wing populations of the constituencies where each party is a candidate, coalition federation or group ", keeping constant with respect to the last elections.

And for each province, those who attend the elections in at least 50 percent of the municipalities, may spend, plus another 150,301.11 euros for each province in which they meet that condition.

The Treasury will also subsidize the direct sending by mail of propaganda, ballots and electoral envelopes with 21 cents per voter in each of the districts in which it has obtained representation in the Local Corporations concerned, provided that the candidacy has submitted lists in the 50 percent of the municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants of the province and has obtained representation in at least half of them.

This subsidized amount, which is one cent less than in the last elections, will not be included within the limit of electoral expenses set out above, provided that the "effective realization" of mailings has been justified.

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