How much will non-contributory pensions go up in Spain in 2022



In January 2022, pensions in Spain
will go up
based on the average inflation registered from December 2020 to November 2021. Specifically, the percentage by which benefits will increase will be 2.5%, due to the result of the average inflation of the last twelve months
between November 2020 and 2021.

However, this increase does not affect a good number of benefits, such as minimum, non-contributory pensions and the Minimum Vital Income, whose percentage will rise by 3%.

The non-contributory ones are intended for people with fewer resources or who do not meet the necessary contribution requirements. There are two classes, retirement and disability. This category of benefits will rise from January 2022 to 414.90 euros per month, which annually translates into 14 payments of 5,808.60 euros.

As for those of disability that exceed or equal 75% and that prove that they depend on another person, they will receive a supplement of 50% on the total money, so it can go to 8,713 euros per year.

For the rest of the minimum pensions, the increase amounts will be the following:

Retirement aged 65 or over: if you have a dependent spouse, the money received will be 876.53 euros per month; Without a spouse 710.34, while with a non-dependent spouse it will be 674.24.

Retirement for under 65s: with a dependent spouse it will be 821.84 euros per month and 628.2 without charge. For those who do not have a spouse, the amount will be 664.66.

Widowhood pensions: if there are family dependents, the pension will be 821.84; for people over 65 or with a disability greater than 65%, it will be 710.39; for those between 60 and 64 years old it will be 673.93, and for those under 60 years of age without charges it will be 538.18.

Orphan’s pension: the general will be 217.12 euros. For those under 18 with a disability equal to or greater than 65%, it will be 427.14 euros. For those who are in absolute orphan cases, the amount will be 755.3 euros.

Pensions in favor of relatives: per beneficiary will be 217.12 euros per month; a single beneficiary with 65 years will be 524.68 and a single beneficiary under 65 years 594.50 euros.

Permanent disability of great validez: if there is a dependent spouse, it will be 1,314.8; Without a spouse 1,065.64 and with a non-dependent spouse 1,011.36.

Absolute or total disability of the holders of more than 65 years or more: 876.53 (dependent spouse), 710.39 euros (without spouse), 674.24 (non-dependent spouse).

Total disability of holders between 60 and 64 years: 821.84 (dependent spouse), without spouse 664.66 and with non-dependent spouse 628.2.

Disability due to illness in those under 60 years of age: 523.76 (dependent spouse), 519.12 (without a spouse) and with a non-dependent spouse 523.76 euros.

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