"How much violence against the weak and against women."

"How much violence against the weak and against women."

Pope Francis today cried out against the violence that still exists against immigrants, children and women, during the speech to the Curia on the occasion of the congratulation of the Christmas holidays.

Francisco spoke of the various "afflictions" of this year and recalled the scourge of child abuse, infidelity within the Church and violence against the weakest.

"How many immigrants – forced to abandon their countries of origin and risk their lives – find death, or survive but find themselves with closed doors and their brothers of humanity given over to political and power conquests," he said in his speech to the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

And he recalled: "how many people and how many children die every day because of the lack of water, food and medicine, how much poverty and misery, how much violence against the weak and against women."

"How many scenes of wars, declared and undeclared, how many innocent blood is spilled every day, how many inhumanity and brutality surround us everywhere, how many people are systematically tortured even today in police stations, prisons and camps. refugees in different parts of the world, "he added.

He also recalled that "Christians, in many parts of the world, still live today under the weight of persecution, marginalization, discrimination and injustice and, nevertheless, continue to courageously embrace death in order not to deny Christ".

Before all this, he highlighted "the heroic example of the martyrs and of many good Samaritans, that is, of the young people, of the families, of the charitable movements and of voluntary work"

That, he added, "does not make us forget, however, the anti-testimony and the scandals of some children and ministers of the Church."


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