How much money is saved by putting the air conditioner at 27 degrees as the energy saving plan says

Spain has to save energy. This has been one of the premises that Pedro Sánchez made during his intervention in La Moncloa, where reviewed the economic course. «I would like them to see that I don't wear a tie, that means that we can all also save from an energy point of view. I have asked the ministers and public officials, and I would also like to ask the private sector, if it has not already done so, that when it is not necessary, that they do not wear a tie. In this way we will also be collaborating to save energy, which is so necessary in our country“, has indicated the President of the Government of Spain.

In May, the Government established an "energy efficiency plan" in which it urged public officials to telecommuting. But the most basic rule was to limit the air conditioning to 27 degrees in summer, never below this temperature. On the contrary, in winter, the radiators will not be able to heat up above 19 ºC. This rule is now the star measure of the energy saving plan that extends beyond the scope of public bodies.

Because Spain has committed to brussels to reduce gas consumption by 7%, as the socialist leader recalled: "We have to save 7% and we all have to be involved in that", said Pedro Sánchez, setting the example that "you just have to walk around a shopping center to know that the temperature is too low.

Will it be possible to save that percentage by putting the air conditioning at 27 degrees? Everything depends on modes of use.

If you take, for example, an air conditioner with 5,230 watts of power, it stays on for one hour and starting from the kilowatt hour price is currently around 0.39 euros, it would give us an expense of just over 2 euros per day, which would mean about 60 euros per month. Although this data also depends on the contracted power. According to various energy sectors, it is between 3.45 and 4.6 kW, which estimates a monthly cost of between 50 and 60 euros.

The key to savings is in operating time rather than temperature

Therefore, the most convenient thing is to demand the minimum power from the air conditioning for the shortest possible time so that the savings are even greater. In other words, no matter how much the temperature is at 27 degrees, if the appliance is in operation for many hours, the savings will be minimal.

In some cases, the temperature may be 25 degrees

The 27 degrees will be applied "flexibly". This is the case of discos, kitchens and gyms, which need a different temperature than other spaces such as a bookstore.

Thus, those centers where exemptions are necessary due to the specificities of the sector are exempt from compliance, as well as in the case of hotels, the rooms, which are privately regulated. Even so, businesses and establishments must justify when they do not apply the temperature limit on the thermostat.

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