How much money do I have to earn to be forced to be self-employed?

Updated:06/07/2022 7:00 p.m.
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Registering as self-employed has become one of the most widespread ways of finding a job as a salaried employee. Self-employment is increasingly common in our country and this entails a series of expenses for the worker: it will be mandatory to pay the so-called self-employment fee monthly to register in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).

Most workers meticulously pay this monthly payment. However, many of the citizens who register as self-employed dedicate few hours to the activity and receive very low financial compensation if we compare it with the minimum fee to pay for being self-employed, which amounts to 294 euros per month in 2022.

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Young people who access their first job, people who carry out services on their own, professionals with another economic activity... There are many who are affected by this duality and many of these self-employed workers wonder: how much money do they have to earn? so that they force you to be autonomous?

How much do I have to invoice so that they force me to be self-employed?

The amount that these people invoice throughout the month is often insufficient to take care of the expenses involved in maintaining this economic activity on a monthly basis.

However, the truth is that there is no minimum billing to be required to be a self-employed worker. It is stipulated that anyone who carries out an activity on their own account and is financially rewarded for it must register as self-employed.

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What is marked is the regularity with which the work is carried out. Despite this, there is no clear rule that stipulates the time that must be allocated to the activity so that it is considered to be carried out on a regular or recurring basis.

Thus, facing the Inspection, the normal thing is that all workers have to register as self-employed despite the fact that their activity is carried out sporadically. Still, the best option to avoid problems will be to consult an expert advisor.

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