How much is Javier Bardem's eye worth?

How much is Javier Bardem's eye worth?

Javier Bardem / AFP

Charity auction raises funds to combat avoidable blindness

Javier Bardem's gaze forms part of the history of cinema through iconic characters such as the murderer in 'It's not a country for old men', the quadriplegic Ramón Sampedro in 'The Sea Inside', the vindictive Santa in 'Mondays in the Sun', or the aspiring bullfighter from 'Jamón, Jamon', among many others. Now, thanks to a charity auction, it will be possible to have Javier Bardem's eye at home in the form of a digital art piece.

Javier Bardem has been the first to support the 'Iris del mundo' project, promoted by the Eyes of the World Foundation, an entity that helps improve the eye health of vulnerable people in third world countries. The initiative consists of auctioning an exclusive photograph of a celebrity's iris with the aim of raising funds. This image will be auctioned in NFT digital file format, which certifies that it is a unique and certified piece. The starting price will be 9,000 euros (an amount that would be equivalent to 128 cataract operations or vision checkups for 1,300 people without resources with visual impairments) and the auction will be held through the website from of September 29. In addition to this file, whoever wins the bid will also get a printed photograph, signed and dedicated by the actor. Depending on the resources obtained by the auction, Eyes of the world will dedicate the proceeds to expand its lines of action and promote new projects in the Saharawi camps, Mozambique, Bolivia or Mali.

With Bardem's gaze, it is intended that the general public open their eyes to the eye problems suffered by millions of people in developing countries as a result, often, of hygienic and sanitary deficiencies, adverse weather conditions or injuries suffered during armed conflicts. . "Having access to all the emotions that enter through sight and that affect sensitivity is an emotional and spiritual revolution," says Bardem, who applauds the foundation's work to combat preventable blindness. The international projection of the actor and his public commitment to numerous social causes have been the main reasons that have led Eyes of the world to knock on the famous actor's door to join Iris del mundo, although the foundation is already in talks with other names of art, culture and sport to hold new auctions and raise more funds.

According to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, there are 1.1 billion people in the world with vision loss and, in 90% of cases, visual deficiencies could be prevented or cured.

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