How much is done with the Christmas Lottery 2018? – The province

How much is done with the Christmas Lottery 2018? - The province

This Saturday, December 22, they will not only be waiting for the Extraordinary Draw the players of the Christmas lottery. Hacienda will also be very attentive to what happens with the 'Gordo', since every year there is a part of the biggest raffle prizes. However, this 2018 the winners will receive more money despite continuing to pay taxes.

And, the Tax Agency began to stay 20% of the raffles organized by the State Society of State Lotteries and Bets since 2012, when the legislation was modified. Of course, the change only forced to pay taxes to prizes exceeding 2,500 euros and said amount was exempt from withholding. Until then, the lucky ones every December 22 collected the money from the winning ticket in full.

However, in the new edition of the Christmas Lottery changes what has been happening in recent years. Not in vain, the minimum that is exempt from tax increases up to amount of 10,000 euros. The reason for this to happen is an amendment presented by Citizens to Budgets, through which the Treasury begins to retain 20% if the prize won exceeds 10,000 euros, and not 2,500, as up to now.

This amount, which is exempt from taxation, will go up progressively in the next two years. In 2019 it will reach 20,000 euros and in 2020 40,000 euros. In this way, those people who take the 'Gordo' from this year, will achieve greater benefits than those who have done in previous years.

Not in vain, despite the fact that the probability of winning the first prize in the Christmas draw is still one in 100,000, the first 10,000 euros of the 400,000 euros which correspond by tenth do not tax. Thus, the winners of the 'Gordo' will go from taking 320,500 euros net to achieve a sum of 322,000 euros.

Likewise, all the remaining prizes that exceed 10,000 euros will contribute more money in your pockets of the winners. For example, starting with the Christmas Lottery 2018, the fifth prizes (6,000 euros per tenth) will not be taxed for the first time since the law was applied. In turn, the second prize will mean a profit of 102,000 euros and the third will be 42,000 euros of the 50,000 that actually distributed.


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