March 6, 2021

How much does it cost to take older cars off the roads?

After ten months of widespread decline in car sales, the motor sector, from the manufacturers to the marketers, going through the workshops, request the Government to start up the an aid plan which, in addition to slowing down the market, serves to remove older vehicles from circulation and replace them with newer ones.

Ancove, which is the association that brings together the marketers of automobiles, including many of them in the commercial networks of the brands, believe urgently the design of a comprehensive long-term plan for the scrapping of the oldest and polluting cars, estimated , could be about nine million vehicles.

Other associations, such as Anfac or Aniacam, propose a perhaps more realistic plan in which they propose an allocation of 500 million euros for five years to be able to withdraw from the circulation each year half a million old cars. This subsidy, of one thousand euros per flat car, would be complemented by another similar contribution from the brand that sold the car, as was the case in the Prever and Pive plans. With this, those who decided to change their old car for a new one, could enjoy a help of up to two thousand euros.

As part of this aid program, the possibility arises that those who scrape a car more than ten years old may also have access to state aid if they change it for another vehicle with less than three years and that it meets the standards most advanced anti-pollution in the European Union. In all cases the existence of a plan in the style of the current Moves, aimed at the promotion of electric cars, but whose economic amount and time of duration is very scarce and does not give the desired results.

It is estimated that currently around 24 million cars circulate in Spain, of which 7.6 million are prior to the Euro4 norm and more than one and a half million do not know what kind of norm could be applied to them. But everything seems to indicate that there are 9.2 million vehicles with more than 12 years old on their wheels, which makes Spain the oldest park in the European Union, except Greece.

For Ancove, prohibiting the circulation of these vehicles would not be fair, since their owners do not have the economic resources to face the purchase of a new car. Therefore, a support plan is necessary to gradually renew the park.

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