January 17, 2021

How much does Hacienda take if you play the Lottery?

The winner with 400,000 euros per tenth will have to declare to the Treasury 20% of 380,000, so it would pocket about 324.00 euros

He Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2019 will distribute on December 22 2,380 million euros in prizes, which is the same amount as last year, and the winners with the "Fat" will receive 400,000 euros to the tenth. This Sweepstakes represents a great source of income for the Treasury. And, while the prizes of less than 20,000 euros are exempt from taxation, those awarded with higher allocations will have to report to the collecting agency.

So, the question of many of those who participate in this traditional game of Christmas drums is how much the Hacienda will stay if they are graceful. This operation, which seems complicated, is not so complicated. The prizes of more than 20,000 euros must pay 20% of the total amount received minus the exempt amount. In this way, a prize of 200,000 euros is taxed at 20% on 180,000, as 20,000 are exempt from payment.

The "lucky" and "Fat" winnersawarded with 400,000 euros to the tenth, they will have to declare to the Treasury 20% of 380,000 with what they would pocket 324.00 euros. After this, the winner of second prize, endowed with 125,000 euros per tenth, will be 84,000 euros. The graces with the Third award of 50,000 euros, after accounting to the Treasury, 24,000 euros would be taken into your pocket In total, the Treasury gets 76,000 euros with every tenth. In addition, like last year, there will be two fourth prizes of 20,000 euros to the tenth and eight fifths of 6,000 euros to the tenth.

The Tax Agency raised 333 million euros during the first ten months of the year with the tax on lottery prizes, which represents 13.3% less than in the same period of the previous year, which was 384.3 million, as detailed in the Monthly Report of Tax Collection of October 2019.

This taxation of the lottery tax has evolved over the years. The kick-off of the new tax was made in 2013, by the then President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, who decided to end the tax exemption enjoyed by the prize winners and created a 20% tax for prizes above 2,500 euros. This has been evolving and the last data provided by the Treasury is that as of January 1, 2020, the exempt amount will be 40,000 euros, a measure that will already affect the El Niño Draw.


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