How much does a National Police charge?



The National Police belongs to the State Security Forces and Bodies. According to Organic Law 2/1986, of March 13, on Security Forces and Bodies, its main mission is to ensure compliance with the Laws and general provisions, executing the orders they receive from the Authorities, in the field of their respective competencies, in this case, within the National territory.

The national police are public workers and, therefore, the salary they receive is public. According to
data from the year 2021
of the Ministry of Finance, Police officers have an average salary that is far from that of other officials, such as surgeons, who are the highest-paid in Spain, but which may be increased by different salaries.

The base salary of a National Police

A policeman from Basic Scale (C1) receives a base salary of 9,461.04 euros per year (slightly more than 788 euros per month), to which should be added the extra payments for June and December, of 681.43 euros each. In total, a National Police newly incorporated to the body would have a salary of 10,823.90 euros per year.

The raw figures in the different categories to which an agent can belong are:

  • Superior and Executive Scale (A1): 1,214.39 euros with two extra payments of 749.38 euros each.
  • Sub-inspection scale (A2): 1,050.06 euros with two extra payments of 765.83 euros each.
  • Basic Scale (C1): 788.42 euros with two extra payments of 681.43 euros each.

For every three years worked, for every triennium, the salary of civil servants is increased. Thus, a Basic Scale policeman would receive an extra amount of 28.59 euros per month. However, this amount will be higher if the agent belongs to another category. A1 policemen will win for each triennium 46.32 euros per month more and the A2 38.12 euros.

Complementary remuneration

The salary of a National Police it also varies greatly depending on the supplementary remuneration.

Destination Plugin

It is not the same to be Policeman, that Police officer, Inspector or Commissar. Depending on the rank he occupies within the body, on the level, he will receive a certain amount or another.

In the Basic Scale of level 17 (Police), an agent will earn a bonus of 456.91 euros per month and a Police Commissioner (level 27), a supplement of 871.43 euros per month.

Specific plugin

Depending on the difficulty of work, risk or responsibility that entails the position, a specific complement or another can be received. This is divided into complement general, which depends on the category within the body, and in complement singular, which depends on the job position you occupy.

These supplements can range from 500 euros on the Basic Scale to 1,000 on the Superior and Executive Scale.

Complement for territoriality

The place where the agent develops his professional activity will also influence the salary he receives. According to data from Professional Police Union (SPP), these add-ons are as follows:

Other add-ons

There are also other add-ons, such as residence allowance, which is higher in Ceuta and Melilla, and can reach up to 900 euros, or that of productivity. The latter depends on the performance and the activity carried out by the agent.

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