April 16, 2021

How many years will your refrigerator last?

How many years will your refrigerator last?


The OCU consumer organization carried out a list in mid-Januarybased on surveys conducted to its more than 15,000 members in 2018– in which established the average duration per year of different appliances depending on the brand. The consumer organization determined that the longevity of household appliances around 10 or 12 years, but some brands do not reach that average, while others far exceed them.[[What is the useful life of an appliance?]

In total, the OCU has collected data on 70 brands, as indicated in a press release, which specified that these may have a lifespan of 15 to 17 years if they are of the Miele brand or only from six to nine years if Haier, Indesit or Beko is chosen.

From these answers, the OCU has elaborated a classification of the average time that an appliance of a certain brand can be expected to last:

Refrigerators, 12 years old

If you want a refrigerator of a lasting brand, you will be right with Bauknecht or Zanussi, while Samsung or Beko will last much less.

Dishwashers last about 11 years

The average life of a dishwasher is about 11 years. Those of the brand Miele are the longest, of average 15 years, based on the study carried out by the OCU. For its part, once again Beko is in the queue, with only seven years of useful life.

Dryers, 11 years of useful life

A dryer usually works for 11 years on average. Those of Miele brand are again the most durable when you reach 17 years old. By cons, Hoover and Indesit last eight years less: a criterion to take into account.

The washers register great differences

In this appliance is where the biggest differences are detected with 10 years is its average life also 10 years apart among the most long-lived models (again Miele is the leader with 16 years) and those that last least (Haier, with six years).

Microwave, less longevity

These appliances have an average longevity of nine years, but once again Miele leads the table with 13 years of duration. For its part, a Kunft microwave only lasts, on average, about 5 years.

Vacuums last about eight years

The average life of the vacuum cleaners is eight, but some appliances last half as long as Dirt Devil's. On the other hand, who buys a vacuum cleaner Filter Queen, Nilfisk, Panasonic or Vorwek it will have been done with a much more durable device, on average, according to the OCU study, they reach 13 years.

Irons, six years on average

The responses of more than 7,400 OCU members show that the average life of these small electrical appliances is six years. Laurastar arrives at the age of nine, more than double the plates of Silvercrest, Flama, Carrefour or Kunft.


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