How many years does it take to contribute to collect the minimum pension?



Self-employed pensions can be more difficult to calculate since a self-employed worker can easily have had periods in their working life in which their contribution has been minimal, that they have not been able to contribute, or even that they have not been paid. been able to reach the minimum number of years to achieve 100% of retirement.

How much to quote

The contribution base for the self-employed under 47 years (as of January 1, 2019) can be freely chosen for them, although within the limits of the minimum base (944.40 euros per month) and maximum (4,070.10 euros). Self-employed workers who were 47 years old on that date have the same free choice, if their contribution base in December 2020 was equal to or greater than 2,052 euros per month. Instead, as of January 1, 2021 Self-employed persons who have reached 48 years of age or more will have a contribution base between 1,018.50 and 2,077.80 euros a month. These are the main assumptions, although there are other exemptions and assumptions that can be consulted in detail in the rule on how much should be paid in the Ministry of inclusion, social security and migration.

What is the minimum number of years

Several studies show that a good percentage of the self-employed choose quote by the minimum basis. This means that, logically, when calculating the pension with the last years of contributions, it is lower than if the calculation were made with a higher base. Apart from the base, there is the factor of the years that you have contributed. The minimum to collect a pension is 15 years, of which at least 2 must have been in the 15 years prior to retirement.

To reach these years, it is established that the self-employed, according to the norm, are obliged to quote from the day they are registered and this obligation is maintained even during situations of temporary disability, pregnancy, lactation or periods of maternity or paternity rest. This obligation to pay taxes ends when the activity ends and the cancellation is communicated in time. If not, the self-employed person would be obliged to contribute until the last day of the month in which the withdrawal is communicated.

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