March 4, 2021

How many vacations are necessary to disconnect? – The province

The arrival of holidays It is one of the most anticipated moments by most workers. After months visualizing those days of business, the expected one arrives time to pack.

Sometimes it depends on the work to perform, it is difficult to disconnect. The latest technologies or the excess of responsibility they make us continually consult the mobile or the computer, making it impossible to ignore certain issues.

Therefore, beyond Holidays Of those we have, the most important thing is to know how to take advantage of them and get rest and disconnect. Hence, the fundamental thing is not the amount of days off, but the quality with which we enjoy them.

For this, there are a number of tips to follow as recommended and thus be able to disconnect on vacation.

Get away from your mobile and computer


As far as possible, it is best to stay away from the mobile and the computer. Do not check your email or those work WhatsApp groups If not essential.

Do not leave pending tasks

To avoid having to be aware of certain issues on vacation, try not to leave pending tasks in your job. To do this, organize yourself well in the previous days and if necessary you can always delegate tasks in other colleagues who are working.

Forget the clock

The best thing in vacations is not to have schedules. Getting up without the alarm ringing, endless naps, al fresco dinners and evenings until dawn can be the best way to ensure rest on vacation.


Alternative activities

Another way to disconnect on vacation is to perform activities that you cannot do in your day to day. Water sports, mountain excursions, cultural visits, etc. They will keep you entertained and will not allow you to remember your work during your vacation.


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