March 3, 2021

How many times has the Christmas Lottery Gordo been sold in the Canary Islands?

This December 22, all Spaniards will be waiting for the draw for the Christmas lottery. One of the stamps that the previous days leave each year are the queues that are generated in the most popular administrations that El Gordo has ever given. An appointment marked by Covid-19 pandemic and which will be held without the usual presence of the public for the first time in the history of this traditional Christmas event, which will distribute a total of 2,408 million euros in prizes, 28 million more than the previous year.

The stalls of the Teatro Real in Madrid will be orphaned to regulars of this appointment as the octogenarian Manoli Sevilla, the ‘bishop’ Juan, from León, the television ‘Mocito Feliz’ or Fernando Vázquez, a child from San Ildefonso 78-year-old who sang el Gordo in 1954 and since then has not missed a draw. Yes, the boys and girls of the San Ildefonso Residence-Boarding School in Madrid will return to the stage. “This year we are working with more enthusiasm if possible so that the draw has the participation of the boys and girls of the Residence, putting a lot of love and dedication that is shared by all the agents involved,” he explained in a recent interview with Europe Press, the director of the institution, Charo Rodríguez.


The 2019 Christmas Lottery in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
The province

Each canary spent this year an average of 41.07 euros to buy tickets and they are among those who will spend the least money. Meanwhile, according to the per capita consignment figure of the State Lottery and Gambling Society of the State (SELAE), In the whole of Spain, the cost will be 65.66 euros per person, a total of 2.82 euros less than in 2019. This amount is an estimate, since the data will be final when the returns of unsold tickets are received during the campaign of this traditional draw. The previous year, the previous consignment per inhabitant was 68.48 euros on average. Usually, The Canary Islands have contributed about 88.4 million, only ahead of other regions such as Melilla, Ceuta, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria and Extremadura.

The Canary Islands, waiting for a joy in a fateful year

Although the Islands have corroborated the nickname given by Greek mythology, ‘Fortunate Islands’, with numerous awards, which does not accompany when compared to the awards that fortune distributes in the Islands with the National lottery , the Bonoloto , the Primitive , he Euromillions or the ONCE coupon , among others.

Throughout the more than two centuries of history that this Extraordinary Christmas Draw has accumulated, up to six times it has played the longed-for ‘Christmas Lottery Fat’, according to data from the National Lottery Agency (ONLAE).


The 2019 Christmas Lottery in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
The province

Telde, Granadilla de Abona and San Bartolome, with three, are the most graceful places, followed by The Gran Canarian palms, Puerto del Rosario, Reef, The Realejos, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Cross port, Garachico, Arucas, Teror, Galdar, Santa Maria de Guía, Firgas, Santa Lucia de Tirajana, Agüimes, Yaiza, Ancient and Pajara.

The first time that the Canary Islands were graced with the luck of the biggest Christmas Lottery prize was in 1978, when 15640 fell, in an administration of Telde, in Gran Canaria.

Four years later, In 1982, it was Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, when an administration near the Santa Catalina park distributed the fortune of 21515 . It distributed about 2,000 million of the old pesetas, 12 million euros.

With the beginning of the current century, in 2001 he played in Santa Cruz de La Palma and in 2010 in the Tenerife municipality of Garachico. In 2007 it was said that it had played in Puerto de la Cruz, although no number was sold and it was returned in full, so the administration had to come to the fore to explain that it had offered the graceful ticket, but that no one I had brought him home.


Christmas Lottery 2019 in Gran Canaria
The province

Fortune returned in 2012. The 76058 was very distributed and traveled to Telde, in Gran Canaria, to Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura and to Arrecife in Lanzarote. AND in the neighboring province, to Los Realejos, Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerifeand.

In 2014, 13,437, the Jackpot Prize of the Christmas Lottery, was sold at the Deiland-Chimida Shopping Center in Playa Honda, in the Lanzarote municipality of San Bartolomé and left a total of four million euros.

The same administration repeated in 2017, with 71,198, what was awarded 400,000 euros for a tenth issued by machine. “They called me on the phone to tell me that we had hit El Gordo and I was so nervous that I couldn’t find any station to check it until the Lottery delegate called me and confirmed it”stated the lottery.

The last occasion was two years ago, in 2018, El Gordo, with the 03347, fell in ten municipalities of Gran Canaria. In the province of Las Palmas it fell in The Gran Canarian palms, Telde, Arucas, Teror, Galdar, Firgas, Santa Lucia de Tirajana, Agüimes, Santa Maria de Guía, San Bartolome, Yaiza, Ancient and Pajara. In total, the Canary Islands received 36.12 million from the draw.

Will this 2020 be the ninth time that fortune awards the Canary Islands Christmas Lottery Jackpot?


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