April 16, 2021

How many radars are there in Spain?

How many radars are there in Spain?

The DGT is placing more radars to control the speed. In 2019 in Spain there will be 40 more radars. This decision along with others such as lowering the speed limits, was taken a few weeks ago in order to stop the high accident rate. For the DGT the radars play an important role as they persuade to step on the accelerator more than necessary.

The director of the organization, Pere Navarro said that in Spain there are only 1,000 radars while in the United Kingdom the number is 7,000 and in France, 4,000. The total number of fixed radars in Spain is 1,738, including different types, such as radars and cameras. This figure assumes a density of these devices 3.4 per thousand square kilometers, according to Statista calculations, which puts him in an intermediate position among European countries. Of course, this is below France, with 6.3 units per thousand square kilometers, and Great Britain, with 31.3 units.

The new radars will be placed on conventional roads where, according to the DGT, the limit is exceeded more frequently.


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