July 12, 2020

How many minutes has Courtois been without receiving a goal?

Real Madrid added another game again without receiving a goal and almost without any chances. So Courtois adds 533 minutes without receiving a bit. The goalkeeper who so many doubts woke up just a month ago, looks like another. More protected by his teammates, he is very safe, recovering sensations and looking more and more like the goalkeeper who signed Real Madrid to give security to his goal.

According to Mister Chip, only 8 goalkeepers in Madrid had done so previously: Domínguez, Juan Alonso, Araquistain, Agustín, Buyo, Cañizares, Casillas and Keylor Navas. Courtois already resembles them, all great goalkeepers in white history. It was a series of consecutive games that the Belgian goalkeeper needed to feel important. “Defending is a matter of everything, it has been seen here, in a complicated field, we knew it before the game and the players know that defending our goal is fundamental, not just the goalkeeper or the defense, they have all defended. Benzema, Hazard, Lucas Vázquez, who went inside to help Carva, ”Zidane explained.

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