How many million euros does a 15-second ad cost in the Super Bowl?

17 years ago, the marble countertop company Cosentino was the first Spanish company to be exhibited in the largest showcase of world sport: the superbowl. This Sunday will be the electric car charger company wall boxwhich will once again put a Spanish company on this date, paying an estimated amount in three million euros for 15 seconds, keys in his career to be a leader in his sector in the United States.

The great party of footballwho will face the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, It takes place at dawn from Sunday to Monday (0:30 Spanish time) and will once again become one of the biggest media events on the planet.

The event summons each year about 100 million Americans and causes each advertising minute to be worth gold. In this edition, it is estimated that each 30-second slot of the NBC network's advertising will be at a record price of 7 million dollars (6.1 million euros), so the 15 seconds that Wallbox will have in the second quarter of the match will cost approximately 3 million euros.

In them, the brand born in the Barcelona town of Sant Andreu de la Barca, where it still has one of its factories, will tell the story of seth thomasa person who survived a lightning strike in Durham, North Carolina, U.S) and manages to overcome his fear of electricity to use a charger from this company to power the battery of his electric car.

Unlike other Super Bowl campaigns, the Catalan company has chosen to give the leading role in its ad to a person from the street, instead of an athlete or celebrity. "He is a person who has experienced a very peculiar real situation, and we believe that with him we can tell a story that has a sense of humor and is very relatable to our product. We chose someone like you and me, who has experienced something real, because our consumer is real people", explains to EFE the director of marketing of Wallbox, Barbara Calixto.

For Wallbox, the Super Bowl is the last stop on a trip to the speed of light. This company, founded in 2015, has broken through stages at an accelerated pace: 5 years later they were already selling their chargers in 40 countries and manufacturing both in Barcelona and China. In the last year it has made the leap to the US market, where they will open their next factory and in October they went public on the NYSEin an operation that valued the company at 1,500 million dollars (1,300 million euros).

In this sense, it fits to spend a millionaire amount in just 15 seconds of advertising. "The reason we're in the Super Bowl is because our potential consumers are there. It's the biggest televised sporting event in the world, but obviously it has more in the United States, where more than 50% of homes they watched the match in the last edition. And that is our market," says Calixto.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. EFE

And it is that in the US there is "a perfect storm" for Wallbox. The growing supply of electric vehicles by the manufacturers and the investments that the US government of Joe Biden intends to undertake to stimulate electric mobility make the United States a fundamental market for the Catalan charger company.

"It's the first time we've been linked to the sportand we do it because the audience is there. So much so that among the brands that are announced are the main car manufacturers, which we anticipate will show their new electric car models this year," adds the executive of the Spanish company.

How long does it take to bring a brand to the premier spectacle of American sports? In the case of Wallbox, they made the decision to announce at the end of the third quarter of 2021. Thereafter, they submitted a proposal to NBC. "They don't make a filter of who is advertised, but you do have to present your creative idea, to take care that the content is not inappropriateCalixto says.

With this multi-million dollar investment, the Catalan company hopes to grow in a "strategic" market such as the United States. "An investment of this amount it has to make strategic sense, you can't invest so many resources if that doesn't translate into advancing the business. In our case, the United States is a key market, in which we are listed on bag and in which we have a very well positioned product for residential charging. We believe that it is going to open up opportunities for us", concludes the executive of Wallbox, the company that once again puts Spain in the most important sporting and advertising show in American sport. From countertops to electric cars.

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