How many days do you have to contribute to collect unemployment



The unemployment It is a benefit that is granted to all workers who have lost their jobs. The maximum period for which you can receive it is two years, while the period for which you are entitled to receive it depends on the days quoted.

Own SEPE explains that the way to know if you have the right to unemployment or the duration of it is in the contribution that has been made for unemployment.

This appears on the worker's payroll and constitutes 7.05% of the base for unemployment contribution. Of this total percentage, 1.55% is part of the worker, while the other 5.5 is from the company.

In this way, the days that must be contributed as a minimum to be entitled to unemployment benefits are 360.

With these days you will be entitled to 120 days. In the event that they want to collect the maximum two years, they will have to contribute 2,160 days.

Table of the days quoted to have unemployment

The SEPE has established the trading days to get unemployment:

–From 360 to 539 days quoted, 120 days may be charged.

–From 540 to 719 will be 180 days.

–From 720 and 899, the benefit can be charged for 240 days.

–From 900 to 1,079 days, you will be entitled to 300 days.

–From 1,080 days to 1,259, you are entitled to 360.

–From 1,260 to 1,439 days are 420 days of unemployment.

–From 1,440 to 1,619 days there will be 480 days of unemployment.

–From 1,620 to 1,799 there are 540.

–From 1,800 to 1,979 days there is a total of 600 benefit days.

–From 1,980 to 2,159 days, 660 days may be charged.

–From 2,160 or more, unemployment can be charged for 720 days.

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