Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

How long does it take Treasury to return the money?

¿Cuánto tarda Hacienda en devolver el dinero de la Renta?

The Bell of the Rent
2018 It has already begun. The most impatient and uneasy have already made and processed their statement. Many of them will have gone out to return, but how long will it take? Estate in returning them the money of the Rent?

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The Agency
Tax He has his responsibilities, in the same way as taxpayers. I mean, it has six
months since the deadline for the voluntary submission of the IRPF to enter the corresponding amount to those people who have left to return.

Income 2018

The operation usually takes no more than a month to complete

However, the operation usually takes no more than a
month to be made since the settlement is presented. It will probably lengthen if the amount to be returned exceeds 3,000 euros, but not with lower amounts.

If the deadline is not met, the Administration will proceed to compensate the affected taxpayers. The interests are around 4%, which will be applied proportionally to each day of delay. In addition, the action will be ex officio: no need to make any request.

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