March 6, 2021

How long does it take Treasury to return the declaration money? – The province

After the deadline for taxpayers to submit theirIncome statements 2018, comes the question that many Spaniards ask themselves in this era:How long does it take Treasury to return the declaration money?If the return is returned, the Tax Agency does not take more than a month to enter, via the bank account provided in their documents, the amount of the refund.

The realization ofstatement of incomeby telematic methods, As thedraftThrough the Internet and the REN0 program, it contributes to streamline the process and receive money more quickly. However, it is highly recommended to check and confirm all the data in the draft and compare them with the ones sent. The deadline, always approximate, to receive the return if the declaration has been submitted through the draft is one month.

The law establishes that the legal term of the Treasury for the return must not exceed six months, so that the taxpayer must receive the amount before the end of the year. Further,If those six months are exceeded,The Tax Agency is obliged to include in the return the so-called interest for delay.

When does Hacienda begin to return?

If the amount of the refund exceeds 3,000 euros, it is likely that the Treasury will take more than a month to proceed to the taxpayer's income. The reason is usually that the tax services are developing complementary verifications ofthe data presented by the taxpayer.The modifications derived from the change of civil status, such as the separation of assets, or documents that duly prove deductions to which one is entitled are situations that may delay the return.

The declarant may be interested in the status of processing of his declaration through the website of the Tax Agency, introducing theIDorNIFand the reference number or the result of the declaration that appears in box 601. Likewise, it is possible to consult the status of the return.

If the income statement has come out, you should know that there is the possibility of splitting the payment and, in some cases, even postpone it. The fraction option is very simple: the fee is divided into two payments, the first of 60% of its amount, at the time of filing the declaration, either in cash, with debit, or by direct debit and the second ,of the remaining 40%,until November 2019.

The postponement option is somewhat more complicated since theTax agencyrequest documentation that shows that the person can not cope with the debt due to a bad economic situation. In addition, with this option Hacienda charges an interest of 5%. Normally an agreement is reached with the Treasury in which a monthly payment and a deadline is fixed.

If the debt exceeds 6,000 euros, the Tax Agency can request an endorsement and, if the agreed payments are not met, it can cancel the deferment and initiate an enforcement procedure with which it may end up seizing the goods and a surcharge of up to 35%

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