Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

How long can I order the draft?

Renta 2018: ¿Hasta cuándo puedo pedir el borrador?

The Bell of the rent is underway from this April 2 and the taxpayers can now access their tax data and the different alternatives to present the declaration of the IRPF of 2018.

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The draft, which can be accessed from the start of the campaign, will guide the statements of millions of people, but experts advise always review your draft before submitting the declaration. The Tax agency You know most of our data, but you have to check if you can opt for deductions or reductions.

From this year, the draft can not be printed and physically presented at the offices to complete the process. You can make, yes, an impression to have it as a preview if you want to control the data before presenting it.

Income 2018

Deadlines for submitting the draft

According to the Tax Agency, "the deadline for submitting the draft declaration and income tax returns, whatever the result, will be the period between April 2 and July 1, 2019, both inclusive." On those dates, the draft may be requested and presented.

Income 2018

How to access the draft

The draft is accessed from RentaWEB, from the Portal of the Tax Agency; through the application (app) for phones that Hacienda has launched; or with the plan 'We call you', whereby the taxpayer agrees hour and day with the Tax Agency to call him to carry out the procedure by telephone, but as long as the requirements are met.

Income 2018

How to submit the draft

Regarding how to present it, the channels are the same. It can be done by electronic means, from the 'Draft / Declaration Processing Service' of the Portal of the Tax Agency; through the telephone if the requirements are met; for the app; or requesting a prior appointment -from May 9- for personal attention in the offices -from May 14-.

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