Lola Flores. The art of living (Lunwerg, 2021), the illustrated biography signed by the cartoonist, musician and skater professional Sete González (Madrid, 1976), reminds us that La Faraona would get on stage and fill the pages of gossip magazines with the same pose, Elf and grace. The famous phrases of Lola Flores are part of the popular bitterness: “I have more strength than Chernobyl”, “And how would I be amazed at them”, “If you love me, go away”, “Do you know why I am so beautiful? Because the brightness of the eyes is not operated ”. And his verses, soundtrack of the cradle and house of several generations: ‘Ay pena, penita, pena’, ‘Limosna de amores’, ‘María de la O’ or ‘La Zarzamora’.