July 23, 2021

How great it is to laugh with a movie

How great it is to laugh with a movie

This is the contest film "Superlópez" by Javier Ruiz Caldera, it is a magnificent parody of SUPERMAN. It comes from a distant planet, it is picked up by a single couple who here also send to the land to which it will be the bad one that wants to charge the protagonist, López. The public has laughed, we have enjoyed the beautiful, above all, with their terrestrial father and we have spent some time sitting magnificently. It is a highly recommended film if you want to have fun in a movie theater.

Another great film has been "Overlord" by Julius Avery, the title of the film is the code word that defined the landing in Normandy in World War II. Although it has things that we have seen in other feature films, here we find science fiction, a group of commandos that have to destroy an antenna before the landing and find a laboratory designed to get the Reich lasts the thousand years that Hitler wanted . Here they give themselves an injection and there is no one to kill them, there are fights, they are half invincible, it is all madness especially the SS chief that there is no way to make him disappear, at the same time, the command group liquidates German soldiers without stop. Wild film that lacks perhaps a point of humor as it would have contributed some other director, but it is equally advisable to try an entertaining time when it opens.

The negative part are two other feature films that are a shame; one of them is "Siete cabezas", by the Colombian Jaime Osorio Marquez, who belongs to this type of shooting with digital cameras that do not bother to illuminate in such a way that you can not see the jungle at night nor a bad tree. This Colombian film tells the story of some ornithologists who study the death of some birds, and also some fish, in a river. The thing about "seven heads" is because they say that there is a dragon that has that number of heads but the aforementioned dragon does not appear, of course, and everything ends with an absurd sexual scene. Do not go to see her even if they are paid.

And the other useless is "Tous les dieux du ciel", by Quarxx, directed by an individual who sees how the film is signed. It begins with two children playing Russian roulette and then it is all a grotesque, a heaviness and boredom as you have never seen.


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