How does the Renta Web Open simulator work? The Province

How does the Renta Web Open simulator work? The Province

The page of the Tax Agency allows to make the declaration in the first campaign without paper


'Renta Web', the web page of the Tax Agency to make the Income statement, definitively replaced the PADRE program in 2017 and this year it gains more prominence in the first campaign of the IRPF that does not allow to present the paper document.

To access 'Renta Web' it is necessary to complete the identification that allows you to consult the fiscal data. It can generate, modify and present the draft of the income statement in 'Renta Web' by accessing the entire process 'online' through various mechanisms: the electronic certificate, the Cl @ ve PIN or The reference.

In general, all data is entered automatically and appear when the user is ready to make the necessary arrangements. If you want to present the statement jointly with the rest of the family members, it is necessary to attach the fiscal data of them. 'Renta Web' calculate the tax option "more favorable".

Once you have accessed 'Renta Web', it will be possible to declare the rent in the section 'Draft / declaration processing service'. After identification, you go to the section 'Draft / declaration', where you can complete the required fiscal data, answer the questions presented and obtain the summary of results. If you agree, press the option 'Submit statement'. The eyelash 'Notices and Errors' alert of possible mistakes or steps to correct.

This video summarizes the operation of 'Renta Web'

It is important that the user does not forget to review all personal data, as well as other concepts such as union dues, deductions, pension plans Y cadastral references.

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