July 25, 2021

How conversational searches change our habits | Trends

How conversational searches change our habits | Trends

The use of voice assistants does not stop growing. It is true that, when they arrived, many of us used them to tell us jokes, riddles or answer questions like: what's your name? or what is your favorite movie? But once the fever of its arrival has passed and its use as a search engine has normalized, the way of making these inquiries has changed.

Now we tend to maintain a dialogue with the virtual assistant, with more specific questions. The use of expressions that include need or should, for example, have increased by 65%. It is no longer a fiction to ask our phone if I should buy a house or if I can reserve a seat for the dog on the train. The use of questions that includes the word "I can" is the one that has grown the most, with 85%.

The questions are getting more and more complicated; and not because we want to put him in a compromise, but because we increasingly trust his response. It is clear that the use of personal assistants is assuming a change when it comes to understanding the user. Increasingly, they begin to speak to us in a clearer, more direct and human way.

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