How companies are changing their culture to improve the working life of their workers

How companies are changing their culture to improve the working life of their workers

In today's competitive labor market, corporate culture is definitely a new currency. Beyond providing a good salary, people are looking for work experiences that offer more human relationships and better reflect their personal values. It is a complicated task, so how can organizations offer it?

Since MetLife We suggest three ways, according to which companies can create healthy and dynamic work cultures that better involve their employees and have a positive impact on the business.

Focus on an objective

For many people, the choice of their career has been a personal decision. According to the study Trends in benefits for employees 2018, performed by MetLife, 73% of employees are aware of their professional goals. "Today's employees see work as part of what they are and, therefore, they want their work to reflect their values, interests and aspirations," concludes this research.

Smart companies make the goals part of their culture in general. Cindy Pace, Deputy Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion of MetLife, explains that, "the objective is to be motivated and committed to contribute to something beyond our personal goals and ambitions, that is, to move from" me "to" us. "When we know what drives us intrinsically and where we can contribute more value , then the "why" we work becomes clearer, and that allows us to concentrate where we can give a differential value in the business and in the communities we serve ".

Offer greater work-life balance

79% of employees say they are more committed to the company when they have a better balance between the working life and personal, according to the Trend Study on benefits for employees of MetLife. They are more satisfied with their work and are more loyal to their company.

Of course, how organizations incorporate these measures as part of their business culture, varies from one to another. You can find flexible hours and free time, free day paid for birthdays, limit the use of email outside working hours …

Benefits to empower employees and reduce stress

Business benefits such as offering drinks on Fridays, free snacks or Yoga classes They can attract attention. However, more than having a barrel in the office, employees want financial tranquility. According to the study of MetLifeOnly 55% of employees believe that they are on track to reach their financial goals, and a growing percentage want their companies to help with your financial affairs.

In this case, offering a full benefit package can help. In this sense, some companies are making an additional effort to help their employees reduce financial stress, facilitating access to savings funds, pension plans …

In today's world, work and life are uniquely intertwined. Having a great company culture means that everyone can prosper professionally and personally.


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