April 10, 2021

How Colombian cycling colonizes the world from Antioquia | sports

How Colombian cycling colonizes the world from Antioquia | sports

The Colombian team started, the European team finished and a Colombian from a large European team won. This also synthesizes the evolution of Colombian cycling that from Antioquia will colonize the world.

One could speak, exaggerating, of class struggle of the pedal, a pure dialectic of the bicycle, which could be portrayed in the crash that threw the sore floor to a Mexican, Luis Villalobos, who runs in an American team with Brazilian colors after to come up against the immutable symbol of Colombian cycling, the motorcycle from which the great Parlo Agudelo distributes water to the thirsty.

It is described by those who ran, and it will be necessary to believe them, because the so infamous and poor television broadcast organized by the colossus ESPN converts the live-a motorcycle, a helicopter camera, bad signal-in a game of riddles on an impressionist painting, blurred, landscapes of the humid East confused with the colors of the bicyclists bent. From him and from the tricolor back of the Luxembourg champion, Bob Jungels, Sebastian Molano sprung, Paipa's sprinter, in the deep and elevated Boyacá, who anticipated the minimal uprooting of the Frenchman Julian Alaphilippe, the man in whom the Deceuninck had deposited his complacency, who sat down just raise your ass, stunned. Rigo Urán, the idol, regained the lead of a Tour Colombia that accelerates towards the decisive stages of the weekend.

Molano was the only sprinter sprinter who came to Llanogrande, along with Rionegro, the land of the Henao, Sergio and Sebastián, alive and whole in the group, a platoon that after a process of purification and concentration caused by different factors -the speed , the height, the hard hills, the Colombian style of organizing great getaways that crush everyone-had stayed in no more than 40.

Fernando Gaviria, the boss of Molano who fell ill on the eve of his sprint in La Ceja, did not leave; Álvaro Hodeg, the leader could not stand with the best, nor his pitcher appreciated, Max Richeze. "This victory gives me a lot of confidence and I hope that I also give it to my team," says soft Molano, 24, who arrived in the Emirates winter after having matured in the structure of Luis Fernando Saldarriaga's Postobón. "I was signed before Gaviria as the first sprinter, and then Fernando came unexpectedly, but I will always be at his disposal."

Molano's growth process perfectly reflects the synthesis of Colombian cycling now. "I was trained to run the Colombian," says the speed of Paipa, "in races where there are always mountains and many attacks, and that helps me as much as my guy, sharper than usual among the sprinters."

Colonization is directed by Rigo, the generous, the king who runs at home and opens the door of President Ivan Duque's office to whoever desires and deserves it, as Sky manager Dave Brailsford, who sells ideas and projects (such as Europe). always) in exchange for talents and money. "I'm Rigoberto Urán, I'm friends with everyone in Colombia," says Urrao's cyclist who finished second behind Froome in the 2017 Tour. "Colombia has too much talent in all sports, and Colombia wants to invest in sports because we want to be recognized at the Olympic level, and that was talked about between Brailsford and the president, of all sports, not just cycling. "

The wave of modernization and wealth just lacks ESPN, which is destroying the value of Tour Colombia. The Colombian federation woke up with a statement assuring that it would demand that they improve their signal, which did not match the agreement; ESPN responded with a statement that further outraged the mood in which accused some mysterious "interference of unknown origin" to be at fault for everything.

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