February 25, 2021

How can I know the reforms that a second-hand home needs?


I am looking for a second-hand home. I have visited some and the truth is that most need more than a set-up. However, as I am not an expert, I do not know for sure what degree of reform some of the houses I have seen need. What questions about the facilities or about the state of the house in general should you ask the owner? Is there any way to corroborate the information you provide me? Should I visit the house that interests me a second time with an architect? (Consultation of Belén Castaño)

Responds Ferran Font, director of Studies of Flats.com

Buying a house to reform has several advantages over buying a new house. The price of the property is one of the most valued elements, as well as the possibility of redefining the distribution to what is needed or being able to choose the elements of our future home. In any case, the fact of reforming the house, regardless of how ambitious the reform is, does not exempt it from risks to which attention must be paid.

In checking the state of the building it is important to know the most basic of the house, such as useful meters, review that in all rooms there is a minimum window, have a floor plan and know the load walls or beams teachers to project how we want our home to be. The facilities available to the house will define the price of the reform since it is not the same to be able to take advantage of what exists, having to change water, electricity, gas installations or having to install a central heating system again.

Finally, we must pay special attention to possible structural or construction defects that the house may present, taking into account that they are often not visible. The most important thing to check in these cases is if there are visible cracks inside the floor or the building, if there are damp, pipes or downspouts improperly installed or in poor condition, or if the stability of the house is compromised.

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