July 30, 2021

How big is Lars Von Trier

How big is Lars Von Trier

Lars Von Trier is loved or hated and is probably an egomaniac but THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILD, with his peculiar sense of humor, divided into 5 chapters and with Matt Dillon and Bruno Ganz tells us a story that one sees with pleasure, that smiles and that is recommended with all the reservations that this director provokes in the audience. Maybe I'll give him a little footage.

We go with KILLING (ZAN) Shinya Tsukamot, is a weak film and we immediately think of Akira Kurosawa that made them infinitely better than this man, the history of the wars of the samurai in the nineteenth century. Movie to forget.

We continue with GHOSTLAND of Pascal Laugier, with the years that the cinema has, what can not be done today is to provoke fear through a dream, that is very visible, or, materializing what one of the protagonists has seen in a novel. That sometimes we suffer a fright, well, but I consider them very forced. If it gets to premiere, well, enjoy a couple of scares and little else.

ANIMAL of Armando Bo II, is an Argentine film that surprises for its final awkwardness, tells the misadventures of a family father who needs a kidney transplant. If you put up with the waiting list for transplants, you will surely die and connect with a couple entering this area of ​​strange people who enter your house, so that the man will give him a kidney in exchange for his house. What spoils everything is that the spectator is waiting for a final revenge, especially in a fantastic film festival, instead there is a happy ending, all happy, more false than Judas.

A very nice movie, I THINK WE`RE ALONE NOW by Reed Morano, is a strange, fascinating story in which it seems that humanity has disappeared and there remains a couple of a dwarf, a young lady and, as usual, two strangers who also enter his house. Everything is that "the strangers" are doctors who want to erase all the bad memories of those who remain and in a beautiful sequence, in those American streets of small cities you see people skating, jogging, on the way to work all with a wonderful color and they look falsely happy. Film recommended if it is released.

KHOOK (PIG) of Mani Haghigh, it is an insult to the cinema to call this Iranian stupidity film.

By last, JOURNAL 64 (THE CASES OF DEPARTMENT Q) of Christoffer Boe, a magnificent thriller, in a house they throw a partition and they appear mummified, around a table, several people, at the same time in a parallel and retrospective action, it is seen as they take to an island to conflicting women who mistreat. It is simply the whole police investigation where doctors, lawyers and the Danish government mix, not wanting to know anything. If it is released, also with this title, do not miss it.


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