How are they going to combat drug trafficking?"

How are they going to combat drug trafficking?"

It was just another day at the "office": drug traffickers trying to raid the Cádiz coast against police trying to prevent it. That is to say: David against Goliath. As happened a few years ago in the chases through Madrid when some Aluniceros came from giving a "stick" and fled along the M-40 at 200 km/hour in an X5 while the Police tried to arrest them on a Picasso, the so-called "zetas" » of Citizen Security. Both the Police and the Civil Guard have been saying for many years that it is not just that they are risking their lives (criminals have no qualms about taking them during their escape) but that with this disproportionality of means it will be difficult to reach anyone.

And this is what is happening in the Campo de Gibraltar area in the fight against drug trafficking that, unfortunately, left two civil guards dead on Friday afternoon. A drug boat between 12 and 14 meters in length, 900 horsepower, four Yamaha engines and weighing 5,000 kilos had been trying to stash in Barbate (Cádiz) for four days. Meanwhile, the Civil Guard tried to deter criminals with a GEAS (Special Group of Underwater Activities) zodiac; That is to say, a boat barely seven meters long and weighing about 500 kilos was trying to prevent it.

It seems obvious who had the loss. But why did they go out with a boat like that to arrest some drug traffickers? «We are tired of repeating it: because there is none. There is a lack of resources, how many times have we said it? "Right now in Cádiz there are no operational vessels." María del Carmen Villanueva, provincial secretary of the Unified Civil Guard Association (AUGC) of Cádiz, denounces the dramatic situation. «This area of ​​Spain is not like any other coastal area. There are places in the Cantabrian Sea where the companions use the boats to go out to keep watch, ask for paperwork from a poacher...whatever, but they don't give it that much trouble. Not here. Here, the boat that arrives is in service all hours without stopping, without stopping, without stopping... And, obviously, they break down at some point and now there are none. When we say that Cádiz is a unique place it is because of these types of issues.

For this reason, AUGC insists on demanding resources and personnel to be able to combat drug trafficking with more decent weapons, in addition to asking that the system with which drug trafficking is attacked be modified. "We have to be more forceful and change the laws," insists Villanueva. It refers, for example, to the fact that, just as boats with so many engines were already banned because they were classified as elements of drug trafficking, criminals are nobody without the people who supply them with fuel, since they consume a lot by having to be stranded. in the sea waiting for the perfect moment to sand. "These people cannot only have an administrative sanction when they are caught," he denounces.

A complaint that cannot be said to have arrived late, because they have been saying it for years, but since the Interior has ignored these requests, Miguel Ángel and David paid the worst of the consequences with their lives on Friday. The first was a GEAS agent, he was 39 years old, he was from San Fernando and he had a young daughter. For his part, David also died very young: he was 43 years old, he was from Barcelona but he had been stationed in Navarra for years until he was transferred to Cádiz to tackle the problem of drug trafficking. He was an agent of the GAR (Rapid Action Group), a group created precisely to combat terrorism. "It is one of the elite bodies of the Civil Guard, they are established in Cádiz and the minister comes out on Friday saying that nothing is happening here, that everything is controlled, of course," they add from AUGC.

The indignation and pain over the loss of deceased colleagues was mixed with anger among all members of the Corps. Not only do they regret that they have been warning for years that something like this was going to happen, but they also question the specific device on Friday afternoon. «If I were the family of any of the deceased I would report. Who gave the order to go out to sea with a boat like that, like the GEAS, against a drug boat? "That is suicide," say sources close to the deceased guards.

Apparently, the same sources point out, the order would have come from the mayor of Barbate who complained to the Government delegate that they had had some drug boats swarming along the coast of Barbate for several days. On Friday afternoon they were there taking shelter from the storm. The mayor, apparently, would have first notified the operational center pointing out the problem but from here they would have explained to him that the Maritime Service could not leave Cádiz given the bad seas there, so he called the Government subdelegate and finally the GEAS were sent of Algeciras to deter drug traffickers.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only were they not dissuaded but, in a surreal image, the neighbors who were in the port watching the scene, applauded and cheered, not for the guards who were putting the drug traffickers in check, but on the contrary. "The principle of authority was lost in this area a long time ago and has not been recovered, no matter what Marlaska says," they lament.

The sequence was worthy of a movie: after attacking the Civil Guard zodiac several times with six agents inside, the drug boat passed over them several times. In addition to Miguel Ángel and David, who died in the line of duty, there was a third agent who was seriously injured with fractures in his arm. Another is mild with stitches on one knee.

Shortly after the unfortunate event, the arrests occurred. According to the Civil Guard, there were first five arrests. Three of them were on the drug boat and two were trying to provide cover for them by waiting for them with a car in Sotogrande. They all have criminal records.

Yesterday there were three other arrests: the crew members who had fled the drug boat. Thus, there are eight in total who were arrested for this event: six from the drug gang and two who were waiting for them to flee. They have a history of drug trafficking, robbery and money laundering, among others.

During yesterday's rally in front of the Barbate City Hall, many colleagues of Miguel Ángel and David remembered that there are not only two dead and they remembered Agustín, run over by a drug trafficker who skipped a checkpoint at a roundabout at the entrance to Jerez in 2021 and de Fermín, who suffered the same fate in 2018 after a chase in San Roque.