How are the shares of the Christmas Lottery made ?, Lotera Navidad 2018

At the time of acquiring the tenders with which to participate in theExtraordinary Christmas Raffle There are two options. On the one hand, you can buy them on your own, but many others decide to do it for the purpose of the participations, very common incompanies, families and groups of friends. So, if you play the 'Gordo' on December 22, the prize will be shared among all.

The shares are a contract between two parties.The buyer invests a small amount to a number (or more) that, in case of coinciding with the winning number, gives his owner a portion. It is a system thatcan not be used by the regular distributors of Lotera, but it must be the individuals who carry it out.

How are participations made?

The normal thing is that the numbers of the lottery are spread loudly, without any kind of contract, but if you want to do this well and conscientiously, also to avoid unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings, when making shares is It is necessary to comply with the following requirements:

1. The organizer of the participations assumes the obligation of paymentto those who have bought them, in case of prize. The responsibility rests exclusively with him, without it being possible to claim Lotteries and State Bets. It is a contract between two parties only.

2. You must indicate the draw and date for which you participate(for example,Extraordinary Christmas Sweepstakes 2018,to celebrate on December 22). Also the number of the tenth, the total amount that is played and separate the additional donation for the corresponding cause, in the case of associations. It must be indicated that it is a "donation" and not a "surcharge" referring to the withholding applied by the Treasury.

3. The social reason or complete denomination must also be statedwho organizes the sale of shares, with identity card and postal address, because they will be addressed if the ticket is awarded.

4. It should appear on the ballots that 20% of the prizes (over 2,500 euros) go to the Treasury.The year 2013 was the first in which these awards were taxed tax and Loteras y Apuestas del Estado has since recommended to include this notice to avoid claims. Any winner can demand the organizer the full payment, if not indicated on the ballot.

5.It must be clearly indicated - either in a color photocopythe number played at the door or bulletin board of the trade or the issuing association of the ballots. This prevents the possible sale of false shares. The more people know the number and design of the ballot, the less chance of dissemination will be false.


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