September 19, 2020

How and when to request them? Back to school, La Provincia

Since August 9, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has already received applications for scholarships and study aid for the 2020-2021 academic year


Since August 9, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training already receives applications for scholarships and study aid for the course 2020-2021. If you are one of those who have been confused with this strange back to school, don’t worry because there is still time to apply.

The terms will last until October 15, in the case of university students; until October 1, for non-university students; and until September 30, for primary and secondary students and for those with specific educational support needs.

Its publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE) comes after, on July 22, the Minister council give the green light to the Royal Decree of Thresholds, which regulates the regime of scholarships and study aid.

This norm, which establishes the requirements to obtain one of these grants, facilitate the increase in the number of applicants entitled to scholarships and scholarship holders who are recipients of how many superiors, according to the Ministry of Education and Professional Training.

The budget has increased by 22% compared to last year, reaching 1,900 million euros, being the largest increase in a decade. This will allow serving a large part of the student group, who will receive either a scholarship for the first time or a higher amount, by virtue of the reforms introduced in the calculation of the Personal Income Tax by the Law of General State Budgets for 2018.

Also, for the third year, certain academic requirements will not apply to students who are victims of gender violence to access scholarships, such as the workload exceeded in the previous year, the limit on the number of years as a fellow or the requirement to pass a certain percentage of credits, subjects, modules or hours.

Requirements to apply for a scholarship

Students who do not exceed a certain income and / or family assets, who meet certain requirements for academic achievement and are studying Baccalaureate, Professional Training, artistic education, sports, higher religious studies, languages ​​in official schools and teaching university. Likewise, It is essential that the applicants for the scholarship have the Spanish citizen or a member state European Union.

The request must be completed using the form accessible electronically through the electronic headquarters of the Department in the web address. In this way, it is intended that applications for study aid are simpler, more accessible and faster.

The fixed amounts of scholarships for university students, will cover the amount of credits that the student has enrolled for the first time in the 2020-2021 academic year. In addition, the fixed amount linked to the student’s income will be 1,700 euros for both university and non-university students.

The fixed amount linked to the student’s residence during the school year will be 1,600 euros both for university and non-university students, and the fixed amount linked to academic excellence will range between 50 and 125 euros for both university and non-university students.

In addition, there is a basic scholarship for non-university students of 300 euros. Finally, the variable and different amount for the different applicants that results from the weighting of the average grade of the student’s file and their family income will be a minimum of 60 euros.

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