Houthis claim to have shot down an alliance drone in northwestern Yemen

Houthis claim to have shot down an alliance drone in northwestern Yemen

Houthi rebels shot down an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of Arab Alliance forces led by Saudi Arabia in northwestern Yemen, rebel spokesman Lieutenant General Yehia Saria said today.

In his official Facebook account, Saria said that "the Yemeni air defenses" shot down a CH-4 unmanned aircraft with a missile in the province of Saada, in the northwest of the country.

He explained that "the operation is documented" by the military information office and added that "what is coming will be better".

According to witnesses, the remains of the aircraft fell in the suburb of Gholil, in the north of the city of Saada, capital of the homonymous province.

Houthis and Yemeni government maintain a fragile truce in the city of Al Hudeida, on the coast of the Red Sea, since last day 18.

The ceasefire pact, which the two sides have accused of infringing, was reached on December 13 in Sweden as part of UN-sponsored talks to suspend hostilities in this strategic key city for the entry of supplies and medicines to the country.

The conflict in Yemen began in 2014, when the movement of the Houthis took up arms against the internationally recognized government of the Yemeni President, Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, who went into exile in Riyadh.

The conflict intensified in March 2015 with the intervention of the Arab coalition, supported by the United States.


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