Housing delivers eight more properties to those affected by the La Palma volcano

Antonio Pérez leaves the House of Culture of Tazacorte with a large folder containing all the documentation of his new home and the keys in hand. His face reflects the joy of a new beginning after suffering the loss of his home, caused by "a small thread of lava", yes, he never thought he would take her away.

The adjudication process attempts to prioritize the most vulnerable families


He is now facing the process of rebuilding his life. After losing everything, this new home in Tazacorte gives it an opportunity, at least momentary, to change its situation caused by the already dormant Tajogaite volcano, with the hope that soon others will come for the other affected neighbors, which "is the best what could happen".

And it is that the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the public company Visocan, continues with the delivery of homes. In this case, a promotion of 46 properties located in the municipality of Tazacorte, to which eight families already have full access to start registering their services and making the move.

Antonio, who from the 70th day of the eruption received the notification that this house was going to be handed over to him, waited until yesterday morning for it to become effective, at which point he stressed that he was always taken care of "quite well" by the entire staff of the Single Registry Office. "The people I have dealt with have been quite kind, they have helped me, they have collaborated, because in this situation there are times when nerves can get you," he says with relief.

This affected person, who can now enjoy a new home, says that he faced the administrative process trying to have all the documentation that they were going to ask him to prepare, because «they made a mistake on some paper that they did not put in the folder they should have, but we have already come to a moment of joy ».

Another of Tazacorte's new neighbors is Ricardo, who points out that "now it's time to connect electricity and water, as well as furnish" his new house. "At least we have a place to live," says this affected person who was renting before and who highlights that "the City Council was behaving well and helping," while regretting that the donations made to the Cabildo's bank accounts have not received nothing.

There is also the case of Silvia and Aduen, a couple who have a little girl who, after passing through hotels in Fuencaliente and Los Llanos de Aridane, where these families who have lost their home have been welcomed, hope to celebrate Christmas Eve dinner in his new house in Tazacorte.

The coordinator of the Economic Area of ​​the Single Registry Office, Miguel Ángel Pulido, was present at that handover of keys, who highlighted that, with the delivery of these 46 homes, which Visocan acquired in Tazacorte for the relocation of the families that they have lost their habitual and permanent home, "an attempt is being made to attend to the family units that have the most problems."

Pulido alluded to the work carried out by the social workers of the office, who have been in charge of assessing the socioeconomic situation, responding to families with "greater vulnerability to give them priority in this delivery" of housing.

In addition, he pointed out that in the coming weeks with this process, “which is proof of what the Government of the Canary Islands and Visocan, as an instrumental entity of the regional executive, is doing to be able to provide a solution to the families who have lost their homes. ».

In total it has been an amount close to five million euros, which in the coming months, he advanced, will be completed with the delivery of another four homes made available by the Los Llanos de Aridane City Council, another 29 in the Tennisca Mountain "They are being rehabilitated because they had been vandalized, just like these in Tazacorte," said Miguel Ángel Pulido, who indicated that "from the end of the works we will sign the acquisition deeds to be able to continue relocating other families in that municipality."

Visocan made this delivery of keys at the headquarters of the House of Culture of the municipality itself, where the first eight families who were given the keys and all the documentation of the houses were mentioned to be able to register in the light and water and start the moving process. This handover of keys started 20 days ago, just two months after the eruption, with the urgent delivery of the first 17 houses acquired in Fuencaliente and Tazacorte to serve the families who lost their homes due to the volcano. They are being awarded to families who lost their only home on a provisional basis and until the reconstruction process is completed, which is expected to last between three or four years, at which point they will be able to access their new homes.


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