July 12, 2020

HouseParty and 4 other free video call tools to talk to your coworkers or friends – La Provincia

Remote meeting at 12:00, call three with parents and siblings at 18:00, ‘virtual canes’ with friends at 21:00 € These days, marked by thequarantinewhich has forced usthe coronavirus, the videoconferences follow one another. And also the demand for apps and platforms that allow such contact. For example, social app downloadsHouseParty(With which you can make video calls to various bands, among other features) 55,700% soared to 156,000, in the week of March 9, compared to the previous week, according to data from Sensor Tower.

Here we review some of the most interesting options for making video conferences and video calls, either with our loved ones or with our teams and colleagues in the workplace (beyond messaging apps such asWhatsApporTelegram):


At the moment it is beingthe great revelation of the appsthat allow video calls in this quarantine, perhaps due to its modern, intuitive and entertaining interface. And it is that in addition to allowing video chat (with a limit of 8 participants) and written conversations, it also includes options such as some games that can be played with those who participate in the call.

It can be used from any platform and does not require adding a phone number, such as Whastapp for example.With a valid email is enough.


Hangouts is a cross-platform messaging application that encompasses all the search engine’s communication servicesGoogle. In addition to allowing chat groups of up to 150 people, Hangouts can organize free video conferences of up to 10 people.

It can be accessed from the computer through Gmail or download the app, which is available for Android and iOS.

In these days of massive teleworking, Google has taken advantage oflaunch some recommendationsuse of Hangouts, to make video meetings much more effective. For example, keep an eye on what is in the background so that it looks good and avoid distractions (avoid windows, place the computer on a firm surface €) or go to video meeting any email conversation that takes too long.


It is one of the most popular video conferencing tools and since 2011 it belongs to Microsoft. It allows high definition audio and video calls between a maximum of 50 people.

To use it, you have to download it to your computer or you can find the app for smartphone or tablet. It is also accessible from the home assistantAlexa.

In addition to common tools, such as screen sharing, it allows you to encrypt confidential conversations, share location or translate conversations or video calls in 10 different languages ​​in real time. In addition, it has specific solutions for companies, through Microsoft Teams.


Zoom is a tool forpayment, which offers very interesting packages for companies, but also has a free version. In its free version, for which you simply have to register on the web, it allows virtual meetings of up to 100 participants, although it establishes a limit of 40 minutes. Of course, the number of meetings 1 to 1 is unlimited.

In addition, it has very interesting features, such as screen sharing or creating a ‘virtual background’ so that you do not see what is behind you on camera.

Enreach Meetings (Masvoz)

The company masvoz, specialized in communication solutions for companies, has announced the launch of the Enreach Meetings tool, which offersfreeuntil September 1, “to facilitate the performance of companies that have been affected by the situation caused by the Covid-19 virus.”

As the company itself explains, “Enreach Meetings allows online meetings to be held directly from the browser, without the need to download external software. This tool is based onWebRTCso guests only need to click a link to access the meeting room. “

Among the features of Enreach Meetings, from masvoz “the simplicity of meeting access through the use of an ID for the meeting and the waiting room function with active access control for the host stand out. In addition, the solution allows therecording of meetingsfor later playback and easy exchange of documents or screen content. “

The tool has group and private chat features for all participants and allows you to create video and voice meeting rooms for up to 10 participants.


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