Household and business deposits grew 1.43% and reached 1.243 trillion euros




Deposits from households and companies resident in Spain have reached 1,243 billion euros in June, lor that represents an increase of 1.42% compared to the previous month and 4.79% compared to June 2020, according to provisional data from the Bank of Spain published this Tuesday. Thus, the savings accumulated by families and non-financial companies continue to increase as a result of the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Specific, Household deposits have grown by 1.4% in their tenth consecutive month on the rise, up to 941,200 million euros, while the increase was 5.5% compared to a year earlier.

On your side, company deposits have grown by 1.48% in the sixth month of the year (second consecutive month of increases), up to 302,400 million euros. With respect to the June 2020 data, the increase was 2.65%.

According to the data consulted, the deposits of the total residents in Spain have been placed at 1,584 billion euros in June, 1.85% more than in May and 5.23% more than in the same month of the previous year.

The amount of deposits of residents in Spain plus that of those who are abroad has increased by 1.72% in June compared to May, to 1.629 billion euros, which also represents an increase of 5.41% compared to the previous year.

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