April 14, 2021

House of the singer Juan Gabriel in the Riviera Maya will be a luxurious hotel

House of the singer Juan Gabriel in the Riviera Maya will be a luxurious hotel

Two years after the death of Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel, which was his retirement home and inspiration in the Riviera Maya was transformed into a luxury hotel and will open its doors on January 7 with the name of Xolumado Insipiration Village By Karisma.

The property is located exactly on the side of the property where the singer himself announced the construction of the entertainment center "Noa Noa", a project that was suspended following his sudden death in August 2016 in Santa Monica, California.

The location of the artist's house was always kept secret and although he himself talked about his house in the Riviera Maya and carried out constant social activities in Cancun, such as the donation of an ambulance to the Red Cross and concerts to benefit, they had not transcended details of your location.

In fact, for legal reasons, directors of the chain do not talk openly about the identity of their initial tenant or the national and international artists who were invited by the singer.

Although on the property there are no photographs or references to his previous tenant, the essence of what is considered one of the greatest composers in Mexico is present in every corner.

"Remembering a great friend, we can not say names and we can not say future plans for legal reasons, but it is a place that we built to live, write and be happy," María Dolores López Lira e Hinojo, director of Grupo Lomas, from the Karisma chain, on a tour of the place.

The Xolumado house, named after the singer-songwriter himself in honor of the owners of the hotel chain – José Luis Martínez and María Dolores – will formally open its doors on January 7 under the concept of a boutique hotel.

In each of its corners you can see the details that made the famous artist and speak not only of his love for his native state of Michoacan and Mexican craftsmanship but also the personal stage in which he was, as he practiced yoga and meditation, which led him to approach the Hindu culture.

But without leaving aside his deep devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe, who built a niche and which he celebrated every December 12 putting it on a special altar.

In all the trails of the property there are Buddha figures and gods of India. There are numerous arches made of materials of all kinds, the vegetation is profuse, and there are many fountains and spaces for meditation.

The property currently has 41 villas, of which only 9 correspond to the initial stage and the house where the singer lived; the rest were recently built, with the characteristics of a luxury hotel.

People close to the artist who lived with him in Xolumado since its construction told Efe that Juan Gabriel liked the place so much that he insisted for a long time to José Luis Martínez to sell him a piece of land, until finally they reached an agreement .

In the talks between the family and the singer, the idea of ​​turning it into a hotel was once handled, and it is two years after his death that they will finally open their doors with the intention of sharing part of his legacy.


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